Manufacture MRN means many years of experience in designing and making unique chairs in an industrial style. Enchanted by old industrial or agricultural machines from the beginning of the industrial era, we try to transfer these inspirations to more

contemporary ground of utility furniture, including chairs. Our structures will be successfully found in restaurant, café and home interiors, creating unique arrangements. Our chairs are the work of our specialists, who are artists in their profession. We create projects ourselves, we select materials ourselves, which we then process by hand and combine into durable structures designed for years.

Manufacture MRN chairs are usually a combination of a steel frame with a wooden seat back. Most of the constructions use pine or oak wood, which is subjected to special treatment. Properly ground and brushed, it acquires a unique, aged character. These are woods that easily absorb various types of protective substances, thanks to which the structure is able to survive for years, becoming resistant to moisture and other adverse weather conditions. Many of our models use

There are also various types of adjustment mechanisms that enable comfortable height adjustment of the backrest and seat, as well as its smooth rotation. Some of the models are trimmed with different types of materials (including real leather) according to your design. Each of the projects we can personalize it, adjusting the product to your needs.

Manufacture MRN stools – industrial design