The heart of every restaurant, bar or pub is the bar – a place for meetings, consumption and everyday work of many people. The interests of the owners of the premises, service and, of course, customers meet here. Therefore, this place must be unique, tailored to various needs. Functionality, comfort and the reflection of character count co-created place. Manufacture MRN meets the expectations of the owners of gastronomic establishments, creating unique structures that will help distinguish a given place. We have already been trusted by restaurateurs from Wrocław, Warsaw and Germany, and our bars can often be found where there is an industrial or retro, vintage atmosphere. Our projects are the result of the work of many people specializing in the processing and conservation of wood and metal. Properly secured, our steel and wooden bars are able to survive several dozen, if not several hundred years, being resistant to both human and weather factors. Additionally, each structure is reinforced with additional ones brackets, angles and massive screws and bolts. You can jump and dance on them without fear.

Easy to assemble and functional. We adapt our bars to the needs of the owners, creating highly personalized projects. Equipped with various types of cabinets, shelves, lockers, hooks and other amenities, they are designed with the staff working there in mind. We remember also about customers by designing hangers for outer clothing or comfortable footrests for them.