We are a family company with artistic roots dating back 160 years. We have been in the furniture and antiques renovation industry for over 30 years. Antoni Kenar’s art school in Zakopane, interior design school, art school and the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, photography school – we learned from these schools, which we grew up with and graduated from. The experience gained over the years is used by us to create one-of-a-kind furniture, the beauty of which has been appreciated by many restaurateurs, pub owners, hotels, architects, private persons, etc. around the world.

The beginnings of our adventure in the furniture industry were quite quite because, due to the lack of professional machines, all products were made with simple tools such as chisels and materials such as wood were recycled, and then beautiful furniture-sculptures came out. Hand-made linden tables and benches, with reliefs, inspired by the folk art of the mountains.

The founder and mentor of our manufactory Roman Niedbał (graduate of the art school in Zakopane named after Antoni Kenar) threw his fate to Vienna, where he earned his living by selling his sculpture and restoration of works of art. Thanks to his ideas and craftsmanship, he obtained the status of an Austrian artist there. At the end of the 1990s, fate threw him in Belgium, where he was engaged in renovation and painting. There he also obtained the status of an artist, this time of the Kingdom of Belgium. Together with his wife, a graduate of an art school in Wrocław, they successfully developed and introduced their unique painting style not only to the local but also the global market. She, an exceptionally talented painter, delighted everyone with her extraordinary ideas. It combined classic and contemporary designs with vivid colors and an old finish. The furniture was painted with special paints giving the effect of an old, flaking emulsion, special colors were selected, gold and silver were applied, everything was aged and patinated. It was a kind of restoration of antiques. We cooperated with many galleries in the Netherlands and Belgium, who literally fought for our services … Beautiful furniture was brought, varnished, often immediately after conservation, so that we could paint it old, using a technique that until now has not been copied by anyone.

There were occasions when in professional galleries the furniture painted by us was sold as “with original old polychrome”.

After moving the studio to Poland, apart from painting, we started producing our own furniture.

Here you can already see the inspiration of the industrial era and the influence of the son of the Niedbała family, Mateusz – an artist photographer and a handicraft enthusiast who, in addition to working on interior designs, in his free time makes his large multimedia works, exhibited in galleries around the world.